About Coloniae

Sobeirannovaocc aka Sobe first started to play around with the API of My Colony in April 2017. Coloniae was created and first launched on the 22nd of August 2018. Version 2 of Coloniae was launched on 5 January 2019, and version 3 went online on 11 January 2020.
Background image : Bentushiya, Showhow.

Help translate My Colony

Pavlxiiv and I are running a translation project for My Colony. To help translate the game in your native language, simply join this discord server : zMP2tMf or contact Pavlxiiv or me on the official thread.


Send feedback, propose new features, or report a bug regarding Coloniae (I do not provide support for My Colony in general) (by order of preference):

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Coloniae is player-maintained and is not affiliated with Ape Apps in any commercial way.
Coloniae uses Google Analytics cookies for statistical purposes. There is no tracking. All the gathered data is totally anonymized.