Game Translation

Implementation of translations into My Colony 2

My Colony 2 was from the get go thought with full translation in mind. This means that all strings are translatable, including names and descriptions of game items like buildings, resources, units etc. (this was not the case in MC1).

How do I start?

To start off, join the Discord server over at this adress. Discord is a free communication app and does not even require an account nor installation of a software. This server was originally created to gather and coordinate translators for MC1. After you joined you will be given adequate access on Coloniae and explained how to use the Android app.

Translation tools put in place

Gathering experience from the translation project of MC1, two translation tools were put in place to ease out the process. There is a desktop web app and an Android app. Both tools gather all strings to translate (they share the same database) and allow for fast and cloud-based translation (without manually exporting files). The Android app allows for offline translation and syncing changes to the server later. When the translations are completed and proofread, they are complied and submitted to bastecklein for inclusion in the game.

Translation of modding content

Any modder can submit their content to the translators by joining the Discord server and get their mod translated. This happens outside of the main vanilla game process (mod strings won't be included in the tools).

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